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Learn What the Public Thinks

Learn what the public thinks, not what the loudest voices have to say 

The effects of COVID-19 are seen throughout the world. According to PEW research, approximately 90% of Americans state that their lives have been changed in some way directly due to the virus, including 44% who say their lives have been severely impacted. This unprecedented time has left leaders in local communities facing one of the greatest challenges since the Great Recession.  

Rapid developments related to the virus have caused mass confusion among the general public, including: 

  • Daily changes on rules and regulations surrounding social distancing and protective measures.
  • Conflicting information on how far quarantine procedures are extended on state and local levels.
  • Inaccurate and false information about COVID-19 being spread over social media and the internet.
  • Other messages and procedures from local and state governments that may conflict with one another.
  • Fraudulent activities and government imposters exploiting confusion over the stimulus package to convince potential victims to give out personal information and pay fees (a fact that several government agencies are warning residents about). 

Now, more than ever, community-oriented research is an essential component of understanding the needs of the community and aligning that with accurate communications. With the world rapidly shifting to adjust to COVID-19, local leaders must keep learning, keep observing, and keep discovering. Statistically valid data taken from a representative sampling tells you what the public thinks – not just what those with the loudest voices have to say.   

The time for local governments to identify and understand how to best support the public during this crisis is right nowLocal and regional governments can use our established methods to hear from their residents on topics surrounding COVID-19 and understand where communities are positioned, how residents view the responses of public organizations, what residents need from them, and what barriers to access may be in the way.  

At HCP Associates, we continue to consult with our governmental clients and help to establish meaningful ways of engaging the community through research. This allows local leaders a chance to make informed decisions for the good of the community. We leverage multi-modal research methods to fit the scope and scale of each project.  

Our commitment to representativeness ensures that we provide a platform for citizens’ voices to be heard and their opinions to make a difference. These surveys, paired with secondary research, modelingdata visualization, and other tools provide a clear illustration to the reality of the challenges facing our communities today. Beyond merely collecting information, our researchers and consultants provide strategic guidance to ensure that your organization remains a trusted source of news and advice through its public messaging. 

Community engagement surveys can target residentsworkers, business owners, or other audiences within communities large or small. To learn morereach us at HCPAssociates.com.