HCP Strategy and Planning

Business Strategy and Planning During COVID-19

Now is the time for strategic planning and research 

As businesses around the world have had to transition their work style, or temporarily or even permanently shut down, the COVID-19 pandemic has left them asking the same question, what should we do  

Now, more than ever, serious strategic planning and research are essential components of your business strategy and ability to conclude this year in a favorable position. With the world rapidly shifting to adjust to COVID-19, companies must keep learning, keep observing, and keep discovering.  

Understand your customers to be able to communicate with them 

Accurate, empirical data is integral toward improving your company’s communication and support within the community, allowing you to alter the messaging to fit the current environment, and adapting your company to understand the changing demands of your customers. In fact, Jon Markman of Forbes Magazine states that the COVID-19 quarantine could permanently change consumers’ spending and communication habits, even well after the pandemic. 

The time for companies to identify and understand how to best support customers, clients, consumers or residents during this crisis is right now. Data on past crises suggest that how a company reacts and communicates to their community will substantially influence a company’s success and swiftness in recovery post-crisis 

Make thoughtful decisions and consider the future 

Strategies should focus on supporting customers, helping to safeguard employees and jobs, and not making hasty assumptions or ill-advised decisions. Businesses must also evaluate their revenues and expenses in order to adapt to the current market and address business strategies for current and future climates. 

HCP Associates is continuously focused on strategy, planning, and research unique to each client. Our team works closely with each client to devise strategies on how best to engage customers and employees under social distancing procedures while simultaneously analyzing each business’ sustainability in the long run. Our analyses, combined with secondary research, such as empirical data and economic models, illustrate the current challenges that our clients might face or that are prevalent within their respective industries.

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