HCP Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing in a Time of Uncertainty

As spring inches closer to summer and uncertainty remains as to when our lives return to normal, trends indicate consumer sentiment about future travel remains positive. While short term plans have been upendeddata from KeyData Dashboard shows the market is itching to get back out there and explore destinations in Florida as early as late summer/early fall, depending on the destination.

It is imperative for hospitality businesses—hotelsresorts, vacation rentalsrestaurants, and attractionsto continue to stay top of mind to travelers while we are all at home dreaming about our next vacation.

Update the Playbook

Experts believe travel trends will change as a result of what we have experienced through social distancing measures.  

  • Drive markets will be the first to see a return of visitors as consumers will be wary of air travel. 
  • Tourists will be looking to visit quiet places away from crowds. This means marketers must have a willingness to let go of historical target markets and messaging and consider a different audience.

Worldwide quarantine has shone a light on the human need to interact and explore. While shortterm lost revenues are not recoverable, longterm growth is achievable with a healthy mix of new messaging and new targeting. Brands that adapt and stay top of mind will thrive when the coast is clear, and people emerge with a stronger desire to see what’s out there.