How to have a work-life balance from home

COVID-19 has been the catalyst for many things, including working remotely. HCP has always been an office where employees enjoyed the seamless communication and teamwork that in-person collaboration providesWorking from home is a transition with which many companies are having to contend. Through secondary research and personal experiences, we want to share some tips with you for navigating this change  

Communication is key

  • It is crucial to communicate now more than ever and make sure you can do it effectively. For managers, especially, it is vital to make sure that you are having frequent individual conversations with each of your teammates. 

Technology is your friend 

  • With all the technologies at our fingertips, it is easy to lead digital meetings, collaborate on projects, and even enjoy a virtual team happy hour! 

Move around 

  • Explore changing up your work environment and see how productive you are in different rooms or surroundings in your home. Moving work areas can also help break up the day. 

Go outside 

  • It is good to get Vitamin D and fresh air to help re-energize yourself. Taking time to go outside is known to make you feel more at ease, strengthen your body and immune system, give you more energy, and sharpen your mind.  

Enjoy the lack of a commute 

  • This unexpected extra time that we all are finding ourselves having every day is extremely useful. Perhaps you get to enjoy that extra cup of coffee, cook a fresh lunch for yourself during the workdays, or call your loved ones more often with this newly found free time. 

Establish boundaries 

  • It can be challenging to distinguish between work and leisure as the physical office has blurred into the home, so it is important that you set clear boundaries for both your professional and personal lives. Likewise, if you are available to work at all hours of the day, a good work-life balance can’t be achieved. As Forbes Magazine and several other online sources say, at the end of the day, turn off your computer, change into some comfy clothes, and leave work 

Learn and plan for the future  

  • This unusual time provides a chance to take extra steps to learn, grow, think, and share with your co-workers. Although many of us are at home, you should not sit still. Businesses that will thrive as life returns to normal will have developed new products, creative innovations, and sharper skills during this time. Creative collaboration, whether with clients or with your team, not only shows commitment but can result in the next great thing. 

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