Creating the Perfect Work-Life Balance for the 4th

Independence Day. It’s the day to celebrate your freedom, backyard BBQ’s and time with friends and family. But why does it have to fall on a Tuesday this year?

How many businesses need their employees to work on Monday, July 3? Let’s be real, how productive do you think the day will be?

I’m grateful our firm decided to close on Monday. Not only do I welcome the four-day weekend, but it’s the right move. It’s one of the perks to keep employees happy. Not to mention how refreshed you feel when you return to work.

An all work and no play environment will take its toll. A good work-life balance pays off in the long run. Too much stress can lead to poor health and hurt your bottom line.

An NBC News article showcased some CEO’s who take job perks to the max. The article found some companies work 11 a.m.-4 p.m. or offer a four-day workweek. Managers say it gives you enough time to get all your work done without any wasted time.

For now, I will accept my four-day weekend. I know each of us at HCP will all come back refreshed and ready to work the rest of summer.

Hope you all have a happy, safe and relaxing Fourth of July.