HCP’s Managing Partner featured in Tampa Bay Business Journal column on the importance of research

Let’s face it: these are uncertain times. One day we think we can move past COVID-19 and that businesses can resume normal operations, and the next day we’re seeing record numbers of cases in Florida.  


In either scenario, there’s one thing that can help businesses with their next step, and that is research. Our managing partner, Sean Coniglio, was recently featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal about making research-driven decisions during turbulent times. And now the times are more turbulent than ever.  


Whether you want to know how your internal team is handling a specific situation, or you want to enter a new business vertical, or you want to know how to help your clients during COVID-19, here are the first three steps when conducting a research study: 


  1. Define the problem or situation. 
  2. Define your audiences. 
  3. Define what you will do with the results. 


Once you have the real facts and figures, this information can be used to make smart business decisions. Read more in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.