Driving Attention to Your Brand Through Video

Social Media began in 1997 with SixDegrees, the first social media platform. Although they have been in existence for more than 20 years, the basic concept of social media hasn’t changed much, and as marketers there are new ways of engaging audiences. By 2021 there will be an estimated 3 billion people on Earth who partake in some type of Social Media, and with that is a chance for marketers to truly engage with the customers they want to reach.

However, engagement by itself is not enough, nowadays marketers should be attempting to grab and hold attention.

Since the algorithms on Facebook and other Social Media platforms change constantly, the act of liking a brand doesn’t affect customer behaviors.

Ex. Facebook requires payment to reach the people who follow

77% of customers don’t have a relationship with a brand, most people follow a brand online because they want a discount.

Building a brand that consumers want to engage with requires building a fan base, driving engagement, maintaining attention.

Attention drives higher brand recall.

Nearly 90% of people watch videos online, and marketers have a number of resources that track how long people watch their videos. When watching videos on their phone, most people have a “dead behind the eyes” look, and being able to make their face move while they watch a video adds a welcome interruption to their lives.

There are many different options for video, it doesn’t have to be all high production value. Not all video is great, even with the large pivot towards video, video content has saturated online communities.

With this in mind, creating content users want to pay attention to will have a better opportunity of standing out.