Documenting Content Strategy: How to Better Execute and Market Your Content

The problems behind marketing tend to fall into the following categories:

Strategy (The Plan), Execution (The Work), ROI (The Value)

Content strategy is difficult, especially as new tech and ways to reach customers present themselves, the important thing for marketers is to stop chasing the future and work on better execution.

80% of CEO’s don’t think marketers are doing a good job. This can be due to not having a centralized view of the customer. Some CEO’s might find that their marketers are not business oriented and are giving up on accountability.  Marketers need to show results to get a budget, yet they need a budget to test results.

For marketers, having a documented content strategy can help test new concepts without spending too much time and resources on something that is not working.

Create a documented content strategy

  1. What is your mission?
  2. Can it be boiled down to one-word?
  3. What do you want your customers to say about you?
  4. What is your main goal? (EX: Drive more leads – bring in more of the right kinds of people)
  5. What are you going to do to make that happen?
  6. Find the tactics that align to your business goals.

How do you measure success?
Establish baseline targets and measure what worked, list what didn’t work and why and focus on the insights. Get a picture of where are your biggest supporters coming from and find out how to reach more like them.

Measure initial intent, while not conclusive, it’s the best place to start if you’re trying to get a measure of where your best customers are.

Know your customers
People want answers, so answer every question whether positive or negative. If you can, answer questions on video. Get out of the office and meet your customers, go to them and figure out their likes and dislikes.
Share your content strategically and with purpose, leverage the half-life of online content:
-Post content, let it die down, then post again, and let it die down, then post again

Online content is modular content, always be repurposing it. Get a cross-channel plan together and stick to it. Separate your customers into three groups: Prospects, Sales & Colleagues

Interview Colleagues

Use your colleagues, Be the dumbest one in the room, ask what people are really saying, ask and craft your content with answers

Mine your emails
A lot of things can be used to create content, even a simple email from an official rep can be stripped down, formatted for reading, posted and shared

Always be learning
Laziness is the only barrier to information, try to get better every single day.  Online marketing is a constantly evolving medium, there is no one expert solution for everything, only how you are able to use the existing tools to share your message.

Content is everywhere – let it run
Repeat what works – keep testing and repeating it. Repetition builds the muscle of data driven marketing. When it comes to good content, the bar is set fairly low for what is considered good, so never be afraid to share and explore new methods of sharing information.

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