Did You Know: HCP Soaked Up the Sponge?

Car enthusiasts love them, moms use them and Tarpon Springs is known for them. Sponges. They all have a different use but have the same outcome: to get stuff clean.

ACME is a manufacturer and wholesaler of natural sea sponges and chamois cloths. They’re one of the largest distributors for natural sponges, but did you know HCP helped play a role?

We’ll revisit one of our favorite clients from 2004. HCP Chairman Pat Hill assisted in the evaluation of ACME’s retail line more than 10 years ago. The family owned firm had come under pressure from retailers selling multiple products from low quality competitors.

To get the edge over their competition, HCP proposed doing two different studies. We suggested a focus group to get feedback and a qualitative study to find out what consumers wanted. From this, we learned ACME had a generic sounding brand with limited identity. That’s when ACME had a total makeover. The company reconstructed their packaging, built a retail display and added photography.

With new packaging, ACME needed a new logo. HCP used a ram’s head to emphasize the importance of natural products. The logo is still used today. ACME had a niche in the automotive industry, but to grow, they needed to expand to other areas. The company included product development for the home and in cosmetics.

Packaging, displays and marketing materials changed throughout the years. HCP saw industry competitors mimicking many of the changes initiated at ACME.

HCP has worked with many brands throughout our 31-year-old history. Each one is different and unique. Sometimes tactics used in the past still work for today’s brands.