DENTCO Celebrates 40 years

DENTCO’s Spirit Weeks Exemplifies Company Culture

Company culture is not made or broken overnight, it is also not based solely on the decisions of the executives.  For companies experiencing rapid growth, it can be particularly challenging—but all the more important for leaders to take control and set an example, or else risk letting it spiral out of control.

This year marks HCP longstanding client, DENTCO’s, 40th anniversary. Despite exponential growth over the past years, they have upheld a unique company culture that continues to attract quality employees.

For a nationwide company, it can be especially difficult to maintain a strong company culture with a large and spread out employee base that doesn’t get the change to interact with each other. One of the reasons for DENTCO’s success with their company culture is the value they place on their employees.

During DENTCO’s yearly Spirit Week, all employees are invited to come together for several events, and are encouraged to meet and interact with employees of all departments.  From their Gala to their Family Fun Day, DENTCO’s President, Scott Milnes says, “Our success always comes back to the people we work with.”

DENTCO’s Quality Service Managers from across the nation are flown in, families are invited for some fun in the sun, and a yearly tradition of giving back to the people who make them a success lives on.

“We’re family here, and our employees’ families are like an extension of us,” said Milnes.

Determining a strong company culture can be as simple as asking your employees what they like about their work.  If DENTCO’s 40 year history is any indication, enjoying the people you work with makes completing the job you do better for clients and coworkers alike.