Simplicity in a Quest for User Engagement

Users want simplicity because as human beings, we are constantly overwhelmed.

As marketers, we want to find out how we can do more with the content we are already creating while using technology to bring us closer to customers and entice good emotional reactions.

On Demand Generation
These days, customers want things immediately and they will tell you if you are not delivering. Since customers have more power, demand and control than previous generations, marketers must concentrate on capturing attentions and creating WOW moments.

Having the content is step one, but marketers must bring the content to where the customers are. This means leveraging the future and embracing all the new technologies while learning how to collaborate with machines to provide new experiences for consumers.

Automation and machines won’t replace our ability to create experiences, but we can use them to create experiences that were not possible before.

New Reality
To create new experiences we must focus on content, not just video and pretty pictures. Audio is transforming the way we do things, podcasts are currently one of the best ways to continue engaging a growing audience with an outlet that is easy to create, maintain and repurpose.

Marketers must take what works and transform it by repurposing it in as many different combinations on separate platforms to reach as many users as possible.

People like being in control of how they get their information, that is why having one piece of content repurposed across many channels that ultimate lead to the main message is necessary. Users will know if you are copy and pasting from one channel to the next, each platform is unique in its messaging.

The most important trait online content can have is empathy. Currently there is not enough of it, and while the platforms of the future may change, the content that will be most effective will be based on empathy.

Perfection is a fairy tale, don’t worry about having the perfect message, don’t be afraid to put the message out there, do as much as you can with what you already have.

Having your message out there, as simple as possible, on as many platforms as you can to be celebrated and collaborated on builds Brand Trust.