How LivingSocial Won Me Back to their Mailing List!

As I sifted through my large inbox this morning, I noticed I continue to get more and more stuff from LivingSocial; a local marketplace to buy and share the best things to do in your city.

I’m sure somewhere along the line I did sign up or got sucked into something that appealed to me at the time. But now it’s just another e-mail that adds to the constant overflow. So, since it’s a reputable brand with 70 million members, I had faith that they would respect my wishes and remove me from their list in the standard 48-72 hours.

However, I was really surprised to see their unique and very different approach to using a clever retention tool to guilt me into signing back up! I felt invested enough that I owed it to them. And honestly, it was just so clever and different, I respected their ingenuity.

I created a few chronological screenshots to share the experience. Hats off to LivingSocial for thinking outside the box and creating a very clever and effective retention tool to gain back members opting out.

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