HCP’s long-standing client DIVERSE: Issues in Higher Education reacts and responds to COVID-19

DIVERSE: Issues in Higher Education, which covers critical news, information and insightful commentary on issues concerning diversity in American higher education, has been working with HCP for over 15 years. DIVERSE’S brand has evolved throughout the years, and it continues to be a reliable and balanced news source that covers tough issues in higher education, especially during COVID-19 

DIVERSE talks about the topics that most people are afraid to touch. This includes homelessness among college students, racial injustice, and the many impacts of COVID-19 on college campuses and students. HCP is proud to work with DIVERSE and be part of such an honest community.  

In addition to the publication, DIVERSE also has a job board for careers in higher education community, called Diverse Jobs. HCP recently rebranded Diverse Jobs and helped develop a national digital platform that continues to drive traffic to both the job board and the publication’s website. 

Also, once COVID-19 hit, DIVERSE: Issues in Higher Education reacted quickly and released its first all-digital publication, called Digital DIVERSE. DIVERSE made this difficult decision as a result of knowing that its audience was not on college campuses to receive the print copy.  

HCP continues to work with DIVERSE on its branding and digital marketing strategies to help it reach its key audiences regardless of where they are located during this uncertain time.